Site Grounds



Located on the shores of Lake Simcoe, the Huronia Regional Centre is an expansive site. During the final site visit tour in October 2014, the Recounting Huronia Collective including survivors toured the grounds. Collective members each had a camera so they could take photographs of anything they liked. This collection contains photography survivors and allies took of the external site grounds. 



This sub-collection contains photography of the faces to various red-brick administrative and cottage buildings: their walls, windows, and entrance-ways.

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Our collective toured the grounds, walking the various grass and cement pathways and exploring the outer boundaries of this wide instituitonal complex. This sub-collection contains photography of trees shedding their leaves and fencing along the perimeter. 

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Collective members gathered on the cemetery grounds, where former residents who died while institutionalized were buried. This sub-collection contains photography of gravestones from the cemetery, as well as a cement block of enumerated, unnamed gravestones. 

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