Inside the Institution



The Recounting Huronia Collective including survivors toured the Huronia Regional Centre for the final site visit in October 2014. Collective members were provided with cameras to take photographs of anything they wanted. This collection contains survivor and ally photography of building interiors.


Touring the Space

This sub-collection contains photography of various rooms and hallways in Huronia Regional Centre buildings. 

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A Closer Look

This sub-collection contains photography that hones in on interior architectural features and signs of decay found across the Huronia Regional Centre site in its various buildings. 

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This sub-collection contains photography of signs and plaques posted on the Huronia Regional Centre grounds. 

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Larry's Room

This sub-collection contains photography of Larry's Room. Every inch of the walls that Larry could reach has art, signifying his unbridled creativity. Layers of paint illustrate the institution's repeated attempts to erase children's stories but Larry's voice lives through his graffiti. 

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