Survivor Profile - Brian Logie

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  • "Hosed down in the crib cot"

    Brian Logie describes being hosed down in a crib cot as punishment.
  • Making Gravestones

    An excerpt of an interview with Brian Logie describing making numbered gravestones while at the Huronia Regional Centre. Brian describes pouring cement forms and stamping them with numbers.
  • Brian Logie's Clock

    Handmade clock on the wall
  • Brian Logie's Woodwork

    A clock and wooden train set on a wall
  • Brian Logie's Carpentry Work

    A weather vaine in a cluttered shed.
  • Brian Logie's Carpentry Work 2

    A wooden carved face in a cluttered shed.
  • Brian Logie in Green Hallway

    A man with long white hair wearing a plaid shirt is standing in a mint green room. The wall to his right is half plastered, as though it is being repaired from water damage. There are four large windows with transoms above them on this wall. The ceiling is white acoustic tiling with one tile missing. The floor is grey linoleum. There is a person wearing glasses and headphones in the foreground of the photo. They have a video camera pointed at the man with long white hair.
  • Brian Logie Selfie

    A man outdoors in a flannel shirt with long silver hair and a silver goatee. His eyes are blue. His brow is furrowed.
  • Brian Logie Profile

    A man outdoors in a flannel shirt. He has long silver hair and a silver goatee. He is wearing a wide-brimmed brown hat.
  • Brian Logie Speaking

    A man outdoors in a wide brimmed hat and flannel shirt, stands at a podium with a microphone. He has silver hair.
  • Interview with Brian Logie

    Brian Logie, a survivor of the Huronia Regional Centre, shares his experiences of institutionalization.