Artifacts - Tools of Institutional Violence

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  • Staff Keep Locked!

    A photograph of black handwritten note that reads: Staff KEEP LOCKED! on a white door with a black doorknob.
  • "Hosed down in the crib cot"

    Brian Logie describes being hosed down in a crib cot as punishment.
  • "Putrid and Dirty Bathrooms"

    An audio clip of an HRC tour group during the final site visit recorded a former HRC staff member describing the resident bathrooms as 'putrid and dirty, all of the time' .
  • Basement Hallway with Metal Gate

    Basement hallway with low ceiling. Floors and ceiling are made of beige cinderblocks. There is a black metal gate across the hallway. The floor is water damaged cement.
  • Huronia Grounds Lock

    The background is unfocused with orange, green, and yellow autumn leaves on the ground. In the foreground of the photograph is a thick metal chain that is rusted around two silver metal fence posts with fencing that runs to the left and right edges of the photo. There is a large brass padlock attached to the chain with a fallen leaf lying atop the chain.
  • Hole Where Toilet was Removed from Bathroom Stall

    Hole where toilet was removed from bathroom stall. Tiling is quarry tiles. Stall walls are white.
  • Marie Slark Holds Straight Jacket

    A white woman in a black sweater and wire-rimmed glasses, with auburn bangs. She is holding up a white, long-sleeved straight jacket with loose ties.
  • Patricia Seth Holds Straight Jacket

    A white woman in a long blue shirt and curly gray hair, black pants, sandals. She is holding up a white, long-sleeved straight jacket with loose ties.
  • Straight Jacket Sewing Pattern

    Cardboard with two lines of underlined cursive writing, in red: "St Jacket size 40."
  • Crib Cot

    Front view of metal baby crib on casters with white bars across its top. Front door pulled down. Rust-red mattress pad. Second crib cot in background, with mint green mattress. White woman standing in the background.
  • Patricia Seth Holds Straight Jacket 2

    Mid-range shot of a white woman in a blue shirt with curly gray hair. She is holding a white straight jacket.
  • Straight Jacket Sewing Patterns and Sewing Machine

    Metal shelving with rolled up and piles of cardboard, and sewing machine beneath them.
  • Straight Jacket Sewing Pattern 2

    Loose cardboard paper on a metal shelf. Asymmetrically cut cardboard pieces strung together, hanging from the shelf. One has underlined cursive writing, in red: "St Jacket size 40."
  • Crib Cots

    Three cribs. Two crib cots in side view are have metal bars on casters with white bars across its top. Left crib cot has a rust-red mattress pad. Right crib cot has mint green mattress pad. Front view of third crib in foreground is smaller with white bars and cream and blue striped mattress pad. Head and base boards slope at corners.
  • Large Beige Bathroom

    A photograph of a large bathroom. The toilets, bathtubs, showers, and sinks are removed. There is a metal door painted light blue in the right of the photo's frame. Floor is dark beige tiles, walls are light beige tiles with a light brown tiled trim to the centre and white drywall to the top. The spot on the floor where the bathtub was is water damaged and rusted. On one wall are two red framed safety instructions.
  • Wooden Bristle Brush and First Aid Supply in Bathroom

    Wooden bristle brush and first aid supply on a white painted wooden shelf attached to quarry tiled wall. There is a brown electricity outlet without a plate on the wall.
  • Pipe Room Walls

    Detail of the pipe room also known as the steam room. Layers of scratch and smudge marks on light blue wooden door. Door is scratched down to the wood. Some of the scratch marks have been covered in a section of light pink paint that is dripping down the door.
  • Narrow Hall of Pipes

    Pipe room between rooms. Also known as steam room. Wall on the left is cinderblocks painted light blue. Wall on the right is mustard to the midpoint with a brown trim and then white to the ceiling. There are multiple pipes in this space made of copper and steel. The space is dusty and dirty.
  • Bathroom with Two Toilets Ripped Out

    Bathroom. Quarry tiles on floor and walls. Two toilets have been ripped out, leaving holes in the wall and floor. One hole is plastered over while the other is a hole remains open. Part of a window is visible in the left frame of the photo.
  • Vision Panel

    Mint green metal door with small square vision panel.
  • Bathroom Being Renovated

    Bathroom being renovated, fallen wood, fallen sink. Pipes are visible. Floor is grey linoleum. Walls are white with vestiges of yellow paint on the bottom half. There is sanded plywood on parts of the walls. There is a window.
  • Worn Brass Door Knob with Skeleton Key Lock

    Worn brass door knob with skeleton key lock on light blue painted metal door. The paint on the door is peeling and underneath is a light grey paint. Visible also on the latch side of the door is a dark green paint. A peach room with a grey linoleum floor can be seen on the other side of the door.
  • Straight Jacket

    White straight jacket folded in half, on a pile of clothing on the floor.
  • Crib Cot Bars

    White hand holding metal crib bar. Mint green and blue and cream striped mattress pads in background.
  • Inside Crib Cot

    Close-up side view of crib cot. Five vertical running metal bars in front of a thin mint green mattress pad. The photograph was taken as if sitting inside the crib cot.