Site Visit - Architectural Violence

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  • Aerial View of the Former Huronia Regional Centre

    An aerial photograph of the entire property of the Former Huronia Regional Centre.
  • Marie Slark Presenting for the Speakers Bureau at York University in Toronto, Ontario

    A photograph of Marie Slark standing in front of a projected photograph of the pipe room at the Huronia Regional Centre. The pipe room is well known among survivors as a site of violence.
  • Pipe Room Walls

    Detail of the pipe room also known as the steam room. Layers of scratch and smudge marks on light blue wooden door. Door is scratched down to the wood. Some of the scratch marks have been covered in a section of light pink paint that is dripping down the door.
  • Narrow Hall of Pipes

    Pipe room between rooms. Also known as steam room. Wall on the left is cinderblocks painted light blue. Wall on the right is mustard to the midpoint with a brown trim and then white to the ceiling. There are multiple pipes in this space made of copper and steel. The space is dusty and dirty.
  • Padlocked Window

    A photograph of an outside building taken from inside an adjacent building. The photograph is taken through a window with a padlock on the windowsill. Visible outside is a red brick building with a brown door, some windows, and a few cement walkways.