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  • Brian Logie in Green Hallway

    A man with long white hair wearing a plaid shirt is standing in a mint green room. The wall to his right is half plastered, as though it is being repaired from water damage. There are four large windows with transoms above them on this wall. The ceiling is white acoustic tiling with one tile missing. The floor is grey linoleum. There is a person wearing glasses and headphones in the foreground of the photo. They have a video camera pointed at the man with long white hair.
  • Fluorescent Lit Hallway

    Fluorescent lit hallway with terrazzo floor, light blue tiled walls, and acoustic tiled ceiling.
  • Hallway

    Fluorescent lit hallway with windows. Walls are light blue painted brick wainscoting and white plaster, floors are quarry tiles.
  • Dark, Fluorescent Lit Hallway

    Dark, fluorescent lit hallway with half-dome safety mirrors. Floors are quarry tiles.
  • Medical Room

    Medical room, painted beige. Light-coloured wooden cupboards on the wall. Medical lamp attached to acoustic tile ceiling.
  • Room with Windows

    Room with windows. Ceiling is white with fluorescent lights. Walls have white tiled wainscoting. Floor is well polished grey linoleum. Visible from the windows are fall trees.
  • Dark Hallway

    Dark hallway. Ceiling is white. Walls appear filthy, yellowing. Fluorescent lights are attached to the top border of the right wall of the tunnel. Floor is terrazzo.
  • Dark Basement Hallway

    Dark basement hallway with fluorescent lighting. Ceiling is low, and made of beige cinderblock with pipes running along it. Walls are cinderblock and cement, with peeling beige paint, and pipes running along them. The floor is cement.
  • Basement Hallway with Metal Gate

    Basement hallway with low ceiling. Floors and ceiling are made of beige cinderblocks. There is a black metal gate across the hallway. The floor is water damaged cement.
  • Boiler Room

    Boiler room seen from behind a chainlink fence. One wall is covered in peeling light mint green paint and has windows that are at ground level. There are two large grey tanks with white pipes and various panels, pumps and valves.
  • Light Blue Painted Brick Hallway

    Brick hallway painted in light blue peeling paint. French door-style windows run along the walls. Ceiling is white with one fluorescent light. Floor is quarry tiles. There is a piece of dry wall at the end of the hallway blocking it.
  • Room with Checkered Linoleum Floor

    Dark room with a red and green checkered linoleum floor that is terrazzo around the perimeter. Walls are painted light pink with a purple trim at the top. Walls have electrical sockets at three foot intervals around the baseboards. There is a doorless entry to another dark room in the left corner of the photograph.
  • Room with Very Damaged Checkered Linoleum Floor

    Large dark room with very damaged red and green checkered linoleum floor. Walls are painted light pink with a purple border around the top. There are three support posts painted light pink in the left side of the photo. Against the back wall is a sink, a set of double doors with three frame windows and one large six frame windows with transparent multi-coloured pattered curtains. Below the window is a long radiator, with one of the panels pulled off. Affixed to the wall on the right is a wooden box with three shelves. There are two six frame windows on this wall, one half visible, with radiators below them.
  • Room with Damaged Brick Floor and Pipes

    Dark narrow room with a damaged red brick floor. Walls are painted light pink red brick trim. Left wall has white horizontal pipes and vertical four vertical steel pipes each connected to a separate dial. Window on the far wall and drop ceiling.
  • Large Beige Bathroom

    A photograph of a large bathroom. The toilets, bathtubs, showers, and sinks are removed. There is a metal door painted light blue in the right of the photo's frame. Floor is dark beige tiles, walls are light beige tiles with a light brown tiled trim to the centre and white drywall to the top. The spot on the floor where the bathtub was is water damaged and rusted. On one wall are two red framed safety instructions.
  • Kitchen with Stainless Steel Boxed Shelf

    Kitchen. Walls are quarry tile to the midpoint then painted light blue to the top. There is a large, boxed stainless steel shelf running across the full length of one of the walls and a stainless steel range hood in the foreground, There is a large brown door with a window that has butchers paper taped across it. The floor is cement and damaged.
  • Narrow Hall of Pipes

    Pipe room between rooms. Also known as steam room. Wall on the left is cinderblocks painted light blue. Wall on the right is mustard to the midpoint with a brown trim and then white to the ceiling. There are multiple pipes in this space made of copper and steel. The space is dusty and dirty.
  • Gymnasium with Multicoloured Striped Walls

    Gymnasium with blue, green, red and yellow stripes across bottom of walls and four three-pane windows with wire mesh panels. There is a freestanding training dummy with sign above that reads: C.E.W. use only; do not strike, and an illustration of a taser on it.
  • Gymnasium with Basketball Net

    Gymnasium with blue, green, red and yellow stripes across bottom of the walls, a basketball net and exercise equipment. There are six three-pane windows with wire mesh panels across them.
  • Green Hallway

    Huronia survivor standing in a green hallway being recorded by a woman holding a camera and microphone
  • Room with Industrial Metal Shelving

    Light mint green room with industrial metal shelving on left side and window in the background. The ceiling is new white acoustic tiles with a few tiles missing. The floor is beige cement.
  • Room with Two Long Service Desks

    Room with light mint green walls, two long wooden reception or service desks and three windows with transoms in the background. The ceiling is new white acoustic tiles. The floor is grey linoleum.
  • First Aid Station

    First Aid Station room with sink, white countertop above wooden cupboards, and a green door on the right with First Aid Station and Danger Oxygen signs.
  • Bathroom Being Renovated

    Bathroom being renovated, fallen wood, fallen sink. Pipes are visible. Floor is grey linoleum. Walls are white with vestiges of yellow paint on the bottom half. There is sanded plywood on parts of the walls. There is a window.
  • Kitchen Cabinets and Orange Tiles

    Wooden kitchen cabinets and countertop trimmed in metal with orange tiled wall and a mop bucket placed on the countertop beside the sink and a plastic soap dispenser.