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  • Brian Logie in Green Hallway

    A man with long white hair wearing a plaid shirt is standing in a mint green room. The wall to his right is half plastered, as though it is being repaired from water damage. There are four large windows with transoms above them on this wall. The ceiling is white acoustic tiling with one tile missing. The floor is grey linoleum. There is a person wearing glasses and headphones in the foreground of the photo. They have a video camera pointed at the man with long white hair.
  • Huronia Regional Centre Admissions Building

    A photograph of the red brick Victorian style administration building behind a field of green grass. There is a silver car in the driveway in front of the building.
  • Huronia - buildings 12.JPG

    Cottage on the grounds. Victorian style, white stucco with brown framed windows, two chimneys, and a white water tank in the front of the building. Green lawn in the foreground.
  • Room with Checkered Linoleum Floor

    Dark room with a red and green checkered linoleum floor that is terrazzo around the perimeter. Walls are painted light pink with a purple trim at the top. Walls have electrical sockets at three foot intervals around the baseboards. There is a doorless entry to another dark room in the left corner of the photograph.
  • Room with Very Damaged Checkered Linoleum Floor

    Large dark room with very damaged red and green checkered linoleum floor. Walls are painted light pink with a purple border around the top. There are three support posts painted light pink in the left side of the photo. Against the back wall is a sink, a set of double doors with three frame windows and one large six frame windows with transparent multi-coloured pattered curtains. Below the window is a long radiator, with one of the panels pulled off. Affixed to the wall on the right is a wooden box with three shelves. There are two six frame windows on this wall, one half visible, with radiators below them.
  • Setting up the Sound Room: Test 1

    Kate Rossiter testing microphone in sound room
  • Setting up the Sound Room: Test 2

    Cindy Scott testing microphone in sound room, Kate Rossiter walks up to Cindy Scott
  • Hole Where Toilet was Removed from Bathroom Stall

    Hole where toilet was removed from bathroom stall. Tiling is quarry tiles. Stall walls are white.
  • Room with Damaged Brick Floor and Pipes

    Dark narrow room with a damaged red brick floor. Walls are painted light pink red brick trim. Left wall has white horizontal pipes and vertical four vertical steel pipes each connected to a separate dial. Window on the far wall and drop ceiling.
  • Marie Slark Holds Straight Jacket

    A white woman in a black sweater and wire-rimmed glasses, with auburn bangs. She is holding up a white, long-sleeved straight jacket with loose ties.
  • Patricia Seth Holds Straight Jacket

    A white woman in a long blue shirt and curly gray hair, black pants, sandals. She is holding up a white, long-sleeved straight jacket with loose ties.
  • Straight Jacket Sewing Pattern

    Cardboard with two lines of underlined cursive writing, in red: "St Jacket size 40."
  • Crib Cot

    Front view of metal baby crib on casters with white bars across its top. Front door pulled down. Rust-red mattress pad. Second crib cot in background, with mint green mattress. White woman standing in the background.
  • HRC Mission Statement and Philosophy

    HRC's Mission Statement and Philosophy plaque found in the artifact room.
  • Examination Chair and Tray, and Vintage Wheelchair

    White metal dentist chair with black cushions. Metal medical table on casters. Cherry wood wheelchair. Suit and nursing uniforms in background.
  • Patricia Seth Holds Straight Jacket 2

    Mid-range shot of a white woman in a blue shirt with curly gray hair. She is holding a white straight jacket.
  • Straight Jacket Sewing Patterns and Sewing Machine

    Metal shelving with rolled up and piles of cardboard, and sewing machine beneath them.
  • Straight Jacket Sewing Pattern 2

    Loose cardboard paper on a metal shelf. Asymmetrically cut cardboard pieces strung together, hanging from the shelf. One has underlined cursive writing, in red: "St Jacket size 40."
  • Medical Equipment

    Cherry wood box with metal clasps and felt interior lining. Black rubber pump with netting and cord.
  • Medical Equipment 2

    Two think hardcover books stacked. Metal kidney basin and bowls. On mint green counter.
  • Medical Equipment 3

    Metal medical tray with funnel, scissors and tweezers. Hanging metal weight. Anatomy charts in background.
  • Roller Table and Ironing Board

    A large stone wheel on a wooden table, connected to a handheld lever. Next to it, an ironing board with a tattered cover, on a single curved leg that can be bolted to the floor.
  • Sewing Machine

    Black Singer sewing machine including wood table.
  • Huronia Visit - artifact room - IMG_0082.JPG

    Huronia artifact room with Fresh Produce sign
  • Stretchers

    Two metal stretchers on casters, one with brown padding. Rear view of vintage cherry wood wheelchair in background.