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  • Cookie Cutter

    Metal cookie cutter shaped as a bat on a blue linoleum floor. Cracked in places.
  • Loaf Pans

    Stacked, rusted metal pans, each bolted together in rows of three.
  • Boots 2

    A pair of tall brown leather boots with laces on linoleum floor.
  • Vintage Grindstone

    A vintage grindstone made from a round sandstone that sits inside a wooden stand with a wooden handle.
  • Vintage Silver Jug

    A vintage silver jug with pouring spout and rounded handle.
  • Vintage Glass Tubes

    A clear plastic bag containing several vintage glass tubes sits on an open cardboard box.
  • Antique Steel Bushel Basket

    An antique weaved steel wire rectangular-shaped bushel basket.
  • Vintage Fireplace Poker

    A rusted vintage iron fireplace poker
  • Vintage Redfield Lamp Square

    A vintage red-coloured Redfield brand lamp square.
  • Vintage Horse Harness

    Vintage rusted metal and leather horse harness.
  • Vintage Hay Tongs and Cobbler Shoe

    Vintage iron hay tongs surround a vintage cast iron cobblers shoe.
  • Antique Lug Wrench

    An antique rusted metal L-shaped lug wrench
  • Plaque for Opening of HRC Pool

    A wooden plaque commemorating the official opening of the Mark Johnston Memorial Pool at the HRC. The plaque displays a photograph of the HRC building that contained the pool.
  • Rubber Horseshoes

    Black rubber horseshoes on a wooden table sitting among metal tools.
  • Antique Turn Key

    A thin, long cast iron antique turn key.
  • Vintage Scythe Blade

    A curved rusted vintage iron scythe blade
  • Vintage Iron Brush Hook

    A vintage rusted iron brush hook.
  • Square Nails from "L" Cottage

    A plastic bag containing square nails, circa 1887, that had been removed from the "L" cottage that was demolished in the 1960s.
  • Red Upholstered Chair

    Wooden armchair with ornamental curled arms. Scarlet red seat cushion. Upholstered back with vertical red and cream stripes and gold pattern.
  • Chair

    Chair with walnut wood back and arms. Gray seat cushion torn, damaged.
  • Classroom Chair

    Child's pine wood classroom chair with built-in side desk.
  • Sewing Machine Cover

    Vintage ribbed cover with a handle and hole.
  • Desk

    Walnut wood table with decorative or ornamental trim and legs.
  • Dress and Cap

    Light blue button down staff dress on hanger with cap gray cap.
  • Chair 2

    Cherry wood dining chair. Decorative or ornamental back has diamond engraving and carved vertical columns. Black seat cushion.