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This video collection features 24 amazing achivements across different groups and departments.

Women as War Criminals: Gender, Agency, and Justice

Izabela Steflja, Assistant Professor of Political Science, co-authored the book Women as War Criminals: Gender, Agency, and Justice with Jessica T. Darden (Virginia Commonwealth University). Biases about women as peaceful and innocent prevent us from "seeing" women as war criminals—and prevent postconflict justice systems from assigning women blame.

WinSights: Research-Backed Resources for Inclusive Science

In collaboration with over 40 talented students from 2018-2021, the Laurier Centre for Women in Science (WinS) presents research-backed resources for inclusive science.

Tshepo Institute African Women Leaders Inaugural Lecture: Inspiring the Next Generation

Wilfrid Laurier University’s Tshepo Institute for the Study of Contemporary Africa, in partnership with the Centre for Student Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, will present an International Women’s Day panel discussion focusing on African women in Canadian academia. The panel will feature five Ontario professors who emigrated from Africa and completed their PhDs and postdoctoral studies in Canada.

Songs of Kitchener - A Community Music Collaboration with Local Residents

Mary Abdel-Malek Neil, a Laurier Alumni Relations staff member and two-time Laurier alumna, was the 2019 City of Kitchener Artist in Residence. Songs of Kitchener were created in workshops across the city with local residents. The recordings were a commissioned work with the City of Kitchener and feature many musicians, including a number of Laurier students and alumni.

Shadow Boxing and Other Bizarre Adventures of a Blind Girl

Laurier alumna Jessica Higgins shares with Dean of Students Kate McCrae Bristol the importance of Laurier to her journey of acceptance, after a diagnosis of Retinitis Pigmentosa - a degenerative, genetic eye condition that will result in slowly declining eyesight. Shadow Boxing and Other Bizarre Adventures of a Blind Girl chronicles this journey.

Schoolyards Count: How Ontario’s Schoolyards Measure Up for Health, Physical Activity, Env. Learning

Schoolyards Count is a collaboration between Kelly Gallagher-Mackay, Assistant Professor, Law and Society,  and Ophea, Ontario's Healthy Schools Coalition. The report is a citizen-science project to understand schoolyard quality across Ontario, with a focus on promotion of physical activity, environmental opportunities, and the impact of community wealth.

Rewriting the Narrative on Homelessness in Mid-Sized Canadian Cities

Erin Dej, Assistant Professor, Criminology and a member of the Centre for Research on Security Practices (CRSP), and Carrie Sanders, Associate Professor, Criminology and Director of CRSP, share their research about how mid-sized cities confront homelessness.

Older Sister. Not Necessarily Related.

Jenny Heijun Wills' Older Sister. Not Necessarily Related. is a moving memoir and Winner of the 2019 Hilary Weston Writers' Trust Prize for Nonfiction,

National Project: Canada’s Syrian Refugee Resettlement Experience

Margaret Walton-Roberts, Professor, Geography and Environmental Studies, shares her experience co-editing a book that provides a detailed examination of the experiences of refugees and receiving communities during Canada's Operation Syrian Refugee from 2015 to 2016.

MMIWG2SLGBTQQIA+ National Action Plan: Final Report

Percy Lezard, Assistant Professor, Indigenous Studies, Zoe Prefontaine, Dawn-Marie Cederwall, Corrina Sparrow, Sylvia Maracle, Albert Beck, and Albert McLeod produced this report in November 13, 2020.

Memories of Brantford's Jewish Community

Christina Han, Associate Professor, Department of History, collaborated with the Canadian Industrial Heritage Centre, the Ontario Jewish Archives, the Brant Museum and Archives, Brant Theatre Workshops and her students to create Memories of Brantford’s Jewish Community, a November 2019 exhibition featuring historical artifacts, live readings and walking tours.

The Maple Leaf Route Webinar Series

The Laurier Centre for the Study of Canada (formerly the Laurier Centre for Military Strategic and Disarmament Studies), in partnership with the Canadian Battlefields Foundation and the Gregg Centre for the Study of War and Society and the Juno Beach Centre Association, presented the Maple Leaf Route Webinar Series.

Librarian’s Guide to Games and Gamers: From Collection Development to Advisory Services

Laurier librarians Michelle Goodridge and Matthew Rohweder's new book helps librarians who are not themselves seasoned gamers to better understand the plethora of gaming products available and how they might appeal to library users.

Knowledge Sharing as Resistance: A Collective Project with Sexual Assault Centre of Brant

This project created community resources through a collaborative and community-based research project between Wilfrid Laurier University and the Sexual Assault Centre of Brant. Marcia Oliver, Associate Professor, Social Justice and Community Engagement, discusses the project with Executive Director Joanna Brant and Jess Doroshenko of the Sexual Assault Centre of Brant (SAC).

Indigenous Healing: Voices of Elders and Healers

Indigenous Healing, by Gus Hill, Associate Professor, Indigenous Field of Study, Faculty of Social Work, stemmed from recognition of the lack of understanding of Tra­ditional healing and Indigenous people in mainstream Canadian culture. Its intention is to share Traditional healing knowledge in a good way with an audience as a beginning effort to bridge the large cultural divide between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. 

Indigenous Geographies in the Yucatan: Learning from Responsibility-Based Maya Environmental Ethos

This book by Miguel Sioui, Assistant Professor, Geography and Environmental Studies, is part of a broader attempt to decolonize colonial histories and understandings about Indigenous peoples and their relationships with their territories, and argues that the land ethos of "being part of the land," specifically among the Mayan community of Xuilub (Yucatan), Mexico, is guided by the cultural precept of 'responsibility-based' thinking. 

Getting In Drag and Playing Classical Music

Ron Cohen Mann, Faculty of Music Oboe Instructor, has performed worldwide including at Carnegie Hall. In this videospecial guest Marc Blouin joins Cohen Mann in getting into drag, discussing classical music, and playing a duet by Marion Bauer. 

Handpicked: Stories from the Field | A podcast from the Laurier Centre for Sustainable Food Systems

Handpicked: Stories from the Field features stories about sustainable food systems research and action affiliated with the Laurier Centre for Sustainable Food Systems. The podcast series includes conversations with researchers, community partners, students, and food systems actors.

Fitness Frenzy: Classroom Activity Breaks Improve On-task Behaviour and Physical Activity Levels

Abbey Broad completed her Master’s research examining how classroom activity breaks improve on-task behaviour and physical activity levels regardless of time of day, under the supervision of Dr. Tom Hazell. Dr. Jennifer Robertson-Wilson and Dr. Pamela Bryden were on Abbey’s thesis committee. The work has been accepted for publication in the Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport.

Decolonizing Educational Assessment: Ontario Elementary Students and the EQAO

Ardavan Eizadirad, Assistant Professor of Education at Wilfrid Laurier University, speaks about his book, Decolonizing Educational Assessment: Ontario Elementary Students and the EQAO Test. He shares his aims for the book and his hopes for educating elementary school students.

The Cultural Life of Drones

Sarah Matthews, Associate Professor, Global Studies and Communication, explains the meaning and questions explored through her installation The Cultural Life of Drones.

COVID-19 Essays: A Rapid Response Collection of Essays on the Pandemic - Volume 1 and Volume 2

This rapid response collection of essays, co-edited by Greg Bird and Penelope Ironstone, was published in 10 days following the initial pandemic "lockdown" in March, 2020. It includes 10 essays, including essays by Laurier Faculty Neil Balan, Greg Bird, and Penelope Ironstone. 

Community Music at the Boundaries

Community Music at the Boundaries explores how music enhances lives in community. By shining a light on boundaries, this volume, which includes multiple contributors from Laurier, provides a wealth of international perspectives and knowledge about the ways that music enhances lives.

The Changing Face of Iceland

The Changing Face of Iceland, Mark Terry’s third film in a trilogy of documentaries examining the impacts of climate change on the polar regions, premiered at COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland on November 4, 2021, presented by The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.