Noted Hymnal with Noted Portions of the Mass (for Franciscan use)

The hymnal manuscript was created in northern Italy around 1450-1475. It contains some of the most famous hymns of the early Church, along with other noted texts for the Office and the Mass. Parchment leaves, and some additional paper pages, are within leather covers. The binding dates to the 17th century. The initial letter of the first page is illuminated in full colour with gold leaf. The remainder of the page, and subsequent pages, contain noted music on four-line staves. The text was frequently modified, with notations scratched off and sometimes replaced. The small format, only 10 cm by 15 cm, suggests to scholars that the hymnal was created to fit comfortably in the hands of the choir leader.

The leather cover of the Noted Hymnal. It is dark red with faded gold detailing and a depiction of Jesus on the Cross in the middle.

Leather cover of the Noted Hymnal.