Survivor Profile - Pat Seth

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  • Cabaret Rehearsal - Chair Routine

    Survivors performing chair routine at a Recounting Huronia Cabaret rehearsal.
  • Cabaret Rehearsal - Pat Seth 6

    Patricia Seth in blue laughs.
  • Room with Checkered Linoleum Floor

    Dark room with a red and green checkered linoleum floor that is terrazzo around the perimeter. Walls are painted light pink with a purple trim at the top. Walls have electrical sockets at three foot intervals around the baseboards. There is a doorless entry to another dark room in the left corner of the photograph.
  • Room with Very Damaged Checkered Linoleum Floor

    Large dark room with very damaged red and green checkered linoleum floor. Walls are painted light pink with a purple border around the top. There are three support posts painted light pink in the left side of the photo. Against the back wall is a sink, a set of double doors with three frame windows and one large six frame windows with transparent multi-coloured pattered curtains. Below the window is a long radiator, with one of the panels pulled off. Affixed to the wall on the right is a wooden box with three shelves. There are two six frame windows on this wall, one half visible, with radiators below them.
  • Patricia Seth Holds Straight Jacket

    A white woman in a long blue shirt and curly gray hair, black pants, sandals. She is holding up a white, long-sleeved straight jacket with loose ties.
  • Patricia Seth Holds Straight Jacket 2

    Mid-range shot of a white woman in a blue shirt with curly gray hair. She is holding a white straight jacket.
  • Cindy Visit DSCF0067.JPG

    Cindy Scott and Patricia Seth holding hands
  • Audio Clip of Security Controlling Access to HRC Site.

    Kate Rossiter speaking to other site visitors about security threatening to shut the site visit down if Pat put on a straight jacket
  • Sound Room Testimonial by Pat

    Pat's sound room testimonial
  • Audio Clip About Crying in the Crib Cot

    An audio clip of Cindy Scott describing her experiences with the crib cots while touring the HRC artifact room.
  • Huronia Regional Centre Cemetery Conversations

    An audio recording taken at the Huronia Regional Centre cemetery. Site visitors and survivors discuss the headstones in the cemetery and survivors' personal experiences at the institution. The recording also documents site visitors' and survivors' prayers and song that concluded their last visit to the the Huronia Regional Centre.