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  • Off-White Curved Reception Desk with White Cupboards

    A high, off-white curved reception desk. Behind the reception desk are off-white cupboards that lock with a key. Above the cabinets is a multicoloured floral wallpaper border. The ceiling is new acoustic tiling with fluorescent box lighting. The floor is beige vinyl flooring. Light in the room comes from a window in the back lefthand corner of the frame.
  • Entrance Doors to the Huronia Regional Centre

    Entrance doors to the Huronia Regional Centre taken from inside the building. There are two sets of doors with a small lobby between them and the doors are all glass. In the small lobby to the left is a chair facing the outside. Some of the walls are multiple shades of light brown glazed brick, some are painted white. A red lit EXIT sign hangs above the doors. The floors are terrazzo. The ceiling is white acoustic tiles.
  • Lit Tramway

    Tramway under the Huronia Regional Centre. A photograph of a long hallway with white walls and a grey floor
  • Huronia Basement Hallway

    Hallway in the basement of the Huronia Regional Centre. Floor is grey cement, walls are white cement, ceiling is very low and white cement. In the front right frame is a doorway taped up with orange poly tarp. In the front left frame is a red lit EXIT sign. Fluorescent lights line the left top corner of the entire hallway.
  • Huronia Boiler Room Detail

    View of the boiler room in the basement through a chain link fence gate. A large white tank is in the left of the frame. The floor is cement and has rectangular yellow cement blocks across it. There are two windows at the back of the frame. The borders of these windows are very dirty. The pipes in this room are copper or white. The lighting is fluorescent but also comes from the two windows.
  • Interior Hallway with Brown Tiled Floor

    An interior hallway with terracotta tiled floor. The lighting is fluorescent. The walls are cement and are painted light blue to the midpoint and white to the top. The hallway is lined with doors. One of the doors in the left of the frame has a window with a horizontal sliding pane on the top half and a large louver on the bottom half but no doorknob. Two half dome safety mirror to the left and right are visible in the foreground.
  • Blue Tiled Hallway

    A hallway at the Huronia Regional Centre. In the left foreground of the frame is a white concrete block wall. The walls that line the remainder of the hallway are light blue glazed tile to the midpoint and white painted plaster to the top. The floors are terrazzo. The ceiling is white acoustic tiles and features fluorescent tube lighting down the length of the hallway. A red lit EXIT sign is visible in the left of the frame. The hallway is lined with blue metal doors with vision panels. At the end of the hallway a blue mural can be seen.
  • Huronia - interiors - DSCF0009.JPG

    interior hallway of Huronia Regional Centre with side bar and mural
  • HRC Cafeteria

    Marie Slark walks through the HRC cafeteria. The room has large beige tiled flooring and walls that are eggshell-blue on the upper half with quarry tiling on the bottom. A large silver metal kitchen hood hangs in the middle of the room.
  • Huronia - interiors - DSCF0007.JPG

    gymnasium at the Huronia Regional Centre
  • HRC Hallway

    A video of the interior hallway of an HRC building.
  • Bathroom Sink

    A dirty white sink in a room with red-tiled flooring.
  • Rusty Sink

    A view looking down at the inside of a dirty white sink with a layer of rust along the bottom. There is a dirty plastic hose coiled inside the sink and hanging from the shelf.
  • Detaching Radiator

    A close-up photograph of a mint-green radiator detaching from a beige wall. Previous coats of pink and yellow paint are visible behind the radiator.
  • Sounds of the HRC

    Ambient sounds of the HRC.
  • Walking Through the HRC

    An audio clip of a person walking through HRC buildings during the final site visit.