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  • Kitchen with Orange Tiled Walls

    kitchen with orange tiled walls, a radiator in the forefront under a lengthwise window with dark green curtains, with wooden cupboards and a metal trimmed countertop in the background. Floor is terrazzo.
  • Damaged Industrial Kitchen Sink

    Terrazzo floor, orange tiled walls and a damaged metal industrial kitchen sink with three sinks and a drying counter. The sink's legs are rusted.
  • Room in Administrative Area of Huronia

    Room in administrative area with terrazzo floor, orange tiles to the midpoint of the wall and light green trimmed interior windows. This appears to be a service or intake area.
  • Large White Room with High Ceilings

    Room with walls painted brown to a quarter of the way up and then white to the top. There are four large, long windows and four radiators under the windows. The ceiling is white with vertically hung white acoustic panels. Floor is terrazzo.
  • Large White Room with High Ceilings 2

    Room with walls painted brown to a quarter of the way up then white to the top. Three large, long windows with radiators underneath them, and a white ceiling with white, vertically hung acoustic panels. Floor is terrazzo.
  • Large White Room with High Ceilings 3

    Room with walls painted brown to a quarter of the way up and then white to the top. There are three large, long windows. Hot water radiators are visible beneath them because the grates have been pulled off. Behind the radiators is dirty light green paint. Floor is terrazzo.
  • Peach Coloured Room with Faux Brick Vinyl Flooring

    Room with faux brick vinyl flooring, peach walls, 3 large, long windows, and a radiator. Ceiling is damaged white acoustic tiles and yellowing, water damaged fluorescent light covers.
  • Staff Mail Room

    Window at the end of a wooden floored mail room with white box shelves on each wall and a hot water radiator underneath the window. Visible are peeling masking tape name labels underneath the boxes.
  • Damaged Light Blue Wall and Window

    The corner of a room that features chipped and scraped light blue walls. Some of the damage is right down to the plaster. To the right is a window with a transom. Beside the window there is a light blue radiator with a metal cover. The floor is grey linoleum. The ceiling is the metal framing for acoustic tiles.
  • Small Round Empty Pool

    A small round inground pool with steel handrails behind a glass wall that is divided into six rectangular panels. A bright yellow spinal board can be seen behind the glass wall in the pool room. The walls in the pool room are cream painted cinderblock with a bright red stripe around the top. The floor around the pool is white tiling. Light in the pool room comes from a window directly in front.
  • Empty Indoor Pool on the Huronia Site

    Empty indoor inground pool on the Huronia site. Points of access into the pool include a ramp with steel rails, and a ramp with steel rails leading to two steps. The walls are cream painted cinderblock with a bright red strip around the top. There is a fish decoration hanging from the ceiling and various signs on the walls such as "CAUTION NO DIVING" in red text on white and "POOL RULES" in red text on white with the pool rules in black. Light in the pool room comes from a window in the left of the frame.
  • Glazed Brick Hallway with Terrazzo Floor

    Huronia site hallway with glazed brick walls in a soft autumn palette on the bottom half of and light yellow paint on the top half. There are rectangular beige radiator panels at around twelve foot intervals on the glazed brick tiles. There are windows at around six foot intervals on the yellow painted walls. The windows reach the ceiling, which is white acoustic drop tiles with long fluorescent lights. The floor is terrazzo. There is a sign in black text on white on the yellow wall where the writing is illegible except for "Health Services/Infirmary"
  • Dark Room with Sink, Fall Foliage

    A dark room with yellow walls. There are some murals on the walls that look like sea plants and flowers. The floor is grey linoleum. There is white acoustic tile drop ceiling with fluorescent light boxes. In the left back corner of the room is a sink with countertop and cupboards, with a set of cupboards attached to the wall above it. The back wall is fully windowed and the fall foliage is visible outside.
  • Detail of Huronia Basement with Yellow Pipes

    A detail of the basement at Huronia. There are large, dirty, bright yellow pipes with red shut off valves in the foreground. The ceiling is vaulted beige aluminum. Visible to the right is a very damaged textured brick wall with a beige-framed bay window. The white, square-patterned curtains are drawn on this window and behind it are fluorescent lights and some office-style furnishings. A brown asphalt shingled A-frame roof is visible in the left of the frame. This was Huronia's barbershop.
  • Huronia Boiler Room with Vaulted Ceiling

    Huronia site boiler room ceiling pipes. the ceiling is vaulted with light coming from windows at the top. A wall fills the frame. It is brick on top and cement on the bottom. It is painted white and is dirt and water stained. The pipes are yellow, or white, or copper, or black. A few valves are visible on the pipes.
  • Huronia Boiler Room Yellow Pipes

    Huronia site boiler room ceiling pipes. The pipes are yellow and repaired in one spot with white putty and tape. A red valve is visible. The ceiling is vaulted and light comes from windows at the top.
  • Huronia Site Kitchen Hall

    The Huronia site kitchen hall. The hall has been stripped of kitchen equipment. The floor is cement. The walls are quarry tiles a third of the way up, with the remainder painted sky blue. There are multiple grease vents, including ones that hang in the middle of the room attached to a large silver industrial hood. Industrial pendant lights hang from the high ceiling, which is also sky blue. There is a brown kitchen door with butcher's paper taped to its window at the furthest end of the room, with two large white fire extinguishers to its left.
  • Partitioned Cottage Interior

    A partitioned cottage interior. The partitions are white painted wood on the lower half and glass on top half. Some partitions feature flimsy blue curtains. The walls are beige to the hallway point and white to the ceiling. The ceiling is small square white acoustic panels, and has white fans and opaque white glass ceiling lamps. The floor is terrazzo.
  • Huronia Site Hallway

    Huronia site hallway. A dim hallway with a damaged red linoleum tiled floor. The walls are light blue to the midway and white to the ceiling. There are doorways down the hallway. On the left wall is a red support bar. Above the bar is what appears to be a framed directory and map of the institution. The ceiling is plaster and damaged in spots, with fluorescent tube lights. There are two red lit exits signs. One red lit exit sign is above a doorway on the right wall, the other is above a fire exit with a window at the end of the hallway. This window on the fire exit door provides the dim light in the hallway.
  • Setting up the Sound Room

    A speaker is placed on the wall of a blue room located next to the green Sound Room at the Huronia Regional Centre. The floor is beige linoleum.
  • Site Visitor Looking at Ocean Mural

    site visitor looking at ocean view mural in hallway. Floor of hallway is an abstracted brick linoleum. Opposite wall is white. Ion both sides of hallway is a blue railing.
  • Beige Room with Covered Wagon Painting

    Beige room with abandoned covered wagon painting on the wall. Ceiling is white acoustic tiles and red clay coloured vinyl floor. There are two windows. One is covered in particle board. The other has a red horizontal blind drawn to the top.
  • Pink and Green Room

    Room with walls painted light pink on the top half, with dark green and pink floral wallpaper on the bottom half. An accent strip with bald eagles divides the two. There are two windows, one with a dark green horizontal blind drawn one third of the way down. Ceiling is white acoustic tiles. Floor is a clay red vinyl.
  • Sky Blue Kitchen

    Sky blue kitchen. Beige tiles, white particle board cupboards, wood countertops. Ceiling is white acoustic tiles with pot lights. Appliances are not installed but there is space for them.
  • Hallway with Terrazzo Floor

    Hallway of Huronia Regional Centre. Terrazzo floors, yellow walls with large vertical windows. Ceiling is white acoustic tiles, fluorescent lighting.