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  • Vintage Farm Tools

    Vintage butcher tools that include a small cleaver and a small center punch with wooden handles and cast iron hay tongs.
  • Weller Soldering Gun

    A black case containing a Weller soldering gun
  • Psychology Department Items

    Open slate blue leather suitcase with silver clasps. Forest green cloth draped over rectangular cardboard box containing plastic placards. Books, cords, cups.
  • Medical Equipment 4

    Transparent plastic box with bandage tape, pencils, and assorted medical equipment. Two pairs of scissors. Metal kidney basin. Mint green folded surgical clothing.
  • Telebinocular Tester

    Metal hexagonal case with black handle.
  • Artifact 6 - rubber stamp.JPG

    A rubber stamp with a red wooden handle sits inside a small clear plastic bag that is placed on a wooden desk to the left of a black and white photograph of horses pulling wagons.
  • Vintage Curling Stone

    Round vintage iron curling stone with wooden handle.
  • HRC Trophies

    Various trophies and awards.
  • White Shirt

    White blouse on hanger. Long-sleeves and collar, button-down.
  • Black Dress

    Black dress on hanger, bunched at the waist with belt. Blue plaid jacket bunched up in foreground.
  • Nightgown 2

    White nightgown on wire hanger. Next to pile of red plaid shirts and white blouse.
  • Red Jacket

    Bright red blazer jacket of thick cloth on wire hanger. Collar, buttons, and small front pockets.
  • Neckties

    Navy blue neckties with knots, on wire hanger.
  • Red Plaid Shirt

    Red plaid shirt hanging.
  • Vintage Grain Scoop

    Vintage silver metal grain scoop.
  • Marching Band Hats 2

    Two loose and two bagged hats on blue linoleum floor. Stacked broad police style brimmed navy blue and yellow hats.
  • Trumpet

    Small brass trumpet
  • Triangle

    A silver metal triangle instrument hanging on a nail in trim on a beige wall.
  • Boys Band Banner

    A pale yellow fabric banner with a thick gold border that reads: Ontario Hospital School Boys Band Orillia in black font.
  • HRC Flag

    A large blue rectangular flag with yellow font that reads: Huronia Regional Centre
  • Vintage Creamer 2

    White porcelain serving cup with handle and spout. Ornamental blue band and gold leaf pattern around neck. Placed on a cardboard box.
  • Sunflower Dinner Plate

    A white dinner plate with a large yellow-petalled sunflower offset to the left of the plate.
  • Dinner Plate

    A round dinner plate that is white and has a border with a thick brown line between two thin black lines. The plate is placed on a brown cardboard box.
  • Vintage Language Master

    A large grey tweed patterned case with a silver rectangular speaker on the lower half of the front. The case holds a vintage language master which was the first speaking dictionary developed in the 1980s.
  • Vintage Doll 2

    A doll with painted blue eyes, wavy blond hair with fringe, and a pink dress with a lace front, under fur and white yarn.